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H.264 standard definition Encoder

The newly designed EDBoX VIRGO ESD H.264 encoder is presented
for professional broadcasting industry. Keeping its excellent quality
and strong conformance to AVC H.264 standard specification, Ed-
Box VIRGO ESD encoder matches all requirements of our customers
and supplies a wide range of flexibility with comfort set of features:
on-the-fly real-time bit-rate changing, ultra-low bit rate encoding,
Low latency mode (<400ms). Due to optimal cost and high quality
Edbox VIRGO ESD encoder is widely used all over the world in 24/7
The excellent picture quality is achieved thanks to highly optimized
compression ratio, saving a channel bandwidth at the same time.
The EDBoX VIRGO ESD encoder supports MPEG-2, WM9 and VC1
encoding in parallel* to H.264 AVC within the same 1U unit.
For convenient management VIRGO ESD encoder offers native remote
web-interface control.
EDBOX VIRGO ESD encoder supports unified SNMPv2 protocol. Our
customers are at ease with the unique EDBOX “bundling” technology
designed for video system management and administration.
EDBoX “boxmaster-bundling“ introduces useful features like autoscan
for signal by decoder, autostart of decoder at the same time the
encoder is started, instantaneous access to decoder‘s web-interface
from the encoder and vice-versa.

Video encoding features:
» MPEG-4 part 10 (H264) SD encoding
» 4:2:0 and 4:2:2* encoding
» Main & high profile up to level 4 (MP@L4)
» Simultaneous multi-coding MPEG2 SD encoding*
» Constant and variable bit rate encoding up to 15Mbps
(25Mpbs MPEG2)
» Bit rate on-the-fly change within 100ms
» Resolution up to Full D1 (720x576, 640x480)
» Aspect ratios 4:3 and 16:9
» Pre-process and pre-analysis with 3.2 pull-down inversion
» Noise reduction with 8 levels, input de-blocking filtering
» Adaptive motion compensated temporal filtering
» CABAC/CAVLC entropy encoding
» Custom GOP size, I, P and B frames, adaptive B-frames
» Weighted Prediction
» DVB over IP output, RTP/RTSP, TS over RTP
» Unicast and Multicast

Audio encoding features:
» SDI embedded (8 CHA)
» AES/EBU 1 CHA (2 CHA*)
» Analog Audio +6db (2CHA)
» Audiochannel level changes
» MPEG-1 Layer II
» AAC LC / AAC-HEv1 / AAV-HEv2
» LATM support
» Dolby digital® pass through
» Dolby digital® AC3 (6CHA*)

Encoding extras:
» Transcoding SPTS/MPTS MPEG-2 to H.264 AVC*
» DVB ASI in/out*
» Hard-disk store (up to 250GB)
» Store and forward*
(streaming higher bitrate over lower network incl. buffering)
» IP forwarding to different unicast and
multi-cast adresses in real time
» Extensive low latency streaming < 400ms
» Video input preview screenshots on stand-alone web interface
» Automatic input format detection and switching
» Upscale and downscale of video input in realtime*

* Optional


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