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Artikelnummer: VH00021

H.264 standard definition Encoder

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The newly designed EDBoX VIRGO ESD H.264 encoder is presented
for professional broadcasting industry. Keeping its excellent quality
and strong conformance to AVC H.264 standard specification, Ed-
Box VIRGO ESD encoder matches all requirements of our customers
and supplies a wide range of flexibility with comfort set of features:
on-the-fly real-time bit-rate changing, ultra-low bit rate encoding,
Low latency mode (<400ms). Due to optimal cost and high quality
Edbox VIRGO ESD encoder is widely used all over the world in 24/7
The excellent picture quality is achieved thanks to highly optimized
compression ratio, saving a channel bandwidth at the same time.
The EDBoX VIRGO ESD encoder supports MPEG-2, WM9 and VC1
encoding in parallel* to H.264 AVC within the same 1U unit.
For convenient management VIRGO ESD encoder offers native remote
web-interface control.
EDBOX VIRGO ESD encoder supports unified SNMPv2 protocol. Our
customers are at ease with the unique EDBOX “bundling” technology
designed for video system management and administration.
EDBoX “boxmaster-bundling“ introduces useful features like autoscan
for signal by decoder, autostart of decoder at the same time the
encoder is started, instantaneous access to decoder‘s web-interface
from the encoder and vice-versa.

Video encoding features:
» MPEG-4 part 10 (H264) SD encoding
» 4:2:0 and 4:2:2* encoding
» Main & high profile up to level 4 (MP@L4)
» Simultaneous multi-coding MPEG2 SD encoding*
» Constant and variable bit rate encoding up to 15Mbps
(25Mpbs MPEG2)
» Bit rate on-the-fly change within 100ms
» Resolution up to Full D1 (720x576, 640x480)
» Aspect ratios 4:3 and 16:9
» Pre-process and pre-analysis with 3.2 pull-down inversion
» Noise reduction with 8 levels, input de-blocking filtering
» Adaptive motion compensated temporal filtering
» CABAC/CAVLC entropy encoding
» Custom GOP size, I, P and B frames, adaptive B-frames
» Weighted Prediction
» DVB over IP output, RTP/RTSP, TS over RTP
» Unicast and Multicast

Audio encoding features:
» SDI embedded (8 CHA)
» AES/EBU 1 CHA (2 CHA*)
» Analog Audio +6db (2CHA)
» Audiochannel level changes
» MPEG-1 Layer II
» AAC LC / AAC-HEv1 / AAV-HEv2
» LATM support
» Dolby digital® pass through
» Dolby digital® AC3 (6CHA*)

Encoding extras:
» Transcoding SPTS/MPTS MPEG-2 to H.264 AVC*
» DVB ASI in/out*
» Hard-disk store (up to 250GB)
» Store and forward*
(streaming higher bitrate over lower network incl. buffering)
» IP forwarding to different unicast and
multi-cast adresses in real time
» Extensive low latency streaming < 400ms
» Video input preview screenshots on stand-alone web interface
» Automatic input format detection and switching
» Upscale and downscale of video input in realtime*

* Optional


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