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H.264 AVC and MPEG-2 standard and high definition 4:2:2 Encoder

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 EDBOX one of the leaders of encoding and decoding systems offer in
a compact one-rack unit the latest in H.264/AVC (MPEG-4 part 10)
4:2:0/ 4:2:2* high quality standard and high definition compression
technology, to help optimize bandwidth utilization in digital transmission
The optimized performance of EDBOX HYDRU S EHD encoder enhanced
bandwidth efficiency with ultra-low bit rate encoding. EDBOX
systems are used in 24/7 envoirement e.g. studio links, news
contribution, SNG and local TV content feeds for IPTV-headends and
achieve broadcast quality at lowest bitrate.
With its powerful and market leading performance it enables operators
to transmit many more channels within their available
bandwidth over satellite, terrestrial networks, digital cable and
IPTV providers. Inside this encoder MPEG2, WM9 and VC1 can
optionaly co-exist with H.264 AVC encoding within the same unit.
Product Overview
The EDBOX HYDRU S EHD encoder offer a very cost effective and high
quality broadcast codec Together with the EDBOX TAURU S DHD decoder
and our extensive video pre-processing and intelligent encoding
algorithm we can provide very low latency > 400ms end to end.
Control of the encoder is supported via 4 line front panel interface,
on board web application and SNMP. Two 1GB Ethernet ports are
available, one for administration and the other one for streaming
EDBOX solutions offers a lot of extensive features where the user
can control from every EDBOX unit any EDBOX unit, controlled via
the frontpanel or over the webside. This is called EDBOX mapping.
This offers the customer a great option to “see what happens” on
local- and remoteside.
Fabelous other features like, autostart, video bitrate on the fly within
100ms, packetlosts realtime informations, forward error correction,
pinging and tracert the remote unit(s) and our market leading network
line measurement tool to check the networkline between encoder
and decoder makes the EDBOX HYDRU S EHD encoder one of
the leading units on the market.

Video encoding features:

» MPEG-4 part 10 (H.264) & MPEG2 HD/SD encoding
» 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 chroma format
» Aspect ratios 4:3 and 16:9
» Main & high profile up to level 4 (MP@L4)
» Noise reduction with 8 levels, input-deblocking filtering
» Pre-Processing and pre-analysis with 3.2 pull-down inversation
» Adaptive motion compensated temporal filtering
» MBAFF, constant and variable bitrate encoding up to
55 Mbps 4:2:2 (60 Mpbs MPEG2 HD)
» Bitrate changed on the fly within 100ms
» CABAC/CAVLC entropy encoding
» I,P and B frames, autoset
» Weighted prediction
» Video compatible for various formats such as
1080i, 720p, 480i and 576i
» Transport output MPEG-2 TS stream,
over UDP/IP, RTP, RTSP, TS over RTP
» Unicast and multicast

Audio encoding features:
» SDI embedded (8 CHA)
» AES/EBU 1 CHA (2 CHA*)
» Analog Audio +6db (2CHA)
» Audiochannel level changes
» MPEG-1 Layer II
» AAC LC / AAC-HEv1 / AAV-HEv2
» LATM support
» Dolby digital® pass through
» Dolby digital® AC3 (6CHA*) encoding

Encoding extras:
» Transcoding SPTS/ MPTS MPEG-2 to H.264 AVC*
» DVB ASI in/out*
» Store on harddisk (up to 250GB)
» Store and forward* (streaming higher bitrate
over lower network incl. buffering)
» IP forwarding to different unicast and
multicast adresses in realtime
» Extensive low latency streaming < 400ms
» Video input preview screenshots on stand alone web interface
» Automatic input format detection and switching
» Upscaling and downscaling of video input in realtime*


* Optional


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