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Artikelnummer: VH00019

H.264 & MPEG2 4:2:2 Decoder:

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The EDBOX Taurus DHD multi-format decoder offers the premise
to decode all of the video formats and resolutions in realtime be it
MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 SD or HD. Control of the decoder is supported via
4 line front panel interface, on board web application and SNMP.
Two 1GB Ethernet ports are available, one for administration and
the other one for streaming input. Additionally the decoder offers
the possibility of IP forwarding to send out the incoming stream to
various IP addresses as unicast and/ or multicast.
EDBOX solutions offer a lot of extensive features where the user can
control from every EDBOX unit any EDBOX unit via the frontpanel or
over the webside, called EDBOX mapping. This offers the customer
a great option to “see what happens“ on local- and remoteside.
Fabulous other features like autostart, video bitrate on the fly within
100ms, packetlosts realtime information, forward error correction,
pinging and tracert the remote unit(s) and our market leading network
line measurement tool to check the networkline between encoder
and decoder makes the EdBoX Taurus DHD decoder one of
the leading units on the market.

Video decoding features:
» MPEG-4 part 10 (H264) SD decoding
» MPEG-4 part 10 (H264) HD decoding
» MPEG-2 SD decoding
» MPEG-2 HD decoding
» 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 decoding
» SD SDI and CVBS Output (PAL, NTSC)
» Genlock for frame syncronization
» Aspects ratios 4:3 and 16:9
» Main & high profile up to level 4 (MP@L4)
» Decoder follows the encoder with bitrate
changed on the fly within 100ms
» CABAC/CAVLC entropy decoding
» Resolution up to Full HD
» Transport input MPEG-2 TS stream,
over UDP/IP, RTP, RTSP, TS over RTP
» Unicast and multicast

Audio decoding features:
» SDI embedded (8 CHA)
» AES/EBU 1 CHA (2 CHA*)
» Analog Audio +6db (2CHA)
» Audiochannel level changes
» MPEG-1 Layer II
» AAC LC / AAC-HEv1 / AAV-HEv2
» LATM support
» Dolby digital® pass through
» Dolby digital® AC3 (6CHA - Optional) encoding

Decoding extras:
» Transcoding SPTS/ MPTS MPEG-2 to H.264 AVC (Optional)
» DVB ASI in/out*
» Store on harddisk (up to 250GB)
» Store and forward*
(streaming higher bitrate over lower network incl. buffering)
» IP forwarding to different unicast and multicast adresses
in realtime
» Extensive low latency streaming < 400ms
» Video output preview screenshots on stand alone web interface
 » Automatic output format detection and switching
 Interfaces TAURUS DHD:
» 1x HD/SD-SDI IN/3GSDI SMPTE-292M (1,5 Gb/s),@BNC 75 Ohm
» 1x Analog Video out @ BNC 75 Ohm
» 1x ASI IN*
» 2x XLR +4db balanced audio analog out
» 1x AES/EBU out (stereo) @ XLR
» 2x Ethernet (802.3) 1000/100/10 MBit
» SNMP V1, Web interface, Frontpanel
» GPI with 2 x relay out and 2 x in @ 9-PIN SUB D (Optinoal) 

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